"Addison,if you want to eat anything before I take you to school, you better get down here." her aunt informed her

Addison sighed and trudged down the steps of her aunt's house.She really didn't want to go to school.That was an undrstatement;she didn't want to go anywhere.She wanted to erase herself from existence.

"Good morning,sweetheart." her aunt smiled

"Good morning,Aunt Court." Addison replied walking over to the table and sitting down

"Your mom said you use to love eating french toast sticks back home before you went to school." her aunt noted

Addison winced at the words "back home".She looked at the food on the plate and immediately wanted to throw up.She grimaced and pushed the plate away.Addison's aunt turned around to see Addison staring at her hands like she was remembering something.When she started rubbing them on her jeans,her aunt walked over to intervene.

"Addison." she smiled,"If you want I can pick you up something at McDonalds on the way."

Addison gulped,her eyes glued to her hands.Knowing that her aunt was waiting on her to answer,she did.

"I'm not hungry." Addison murmured

Her aunt sighed when she began wringing her hands together.She kneeled down next to her.

"Addison,nobody blames you for what happened."

Addison didn't answer.She just stopped wringing her hands,placing them in her lap.

"You did nothing wrong.Everyone back home knows it too." her aunt continued,"Especially your mother.She sent you here so that you would stop letting all that negativity affect you."

Addison continued not to speak.She tried to focus on what her aunt was saying;but her mind continued to be clouded.Her aunt seeing that the current conversation was going nowhere stood up,deciding to change the conversation

."We gotta get going.It's your first day at your new school." her aunt picked up her plate and walked back to the kitchen

"Can't wait." Addison mumbled 

"So,Randy." Daniel crossed his arms,as he sat in his chair across from him,"What brings me in your office?" 

"Well,Daniel." Randy answered,turning around his chair,"I wanted to talk to you." 

"About?" Daniel raised his eyebrow 

"I've been thinking about the thing you talked to me about."Randy replied

"About how Zoe wears as much makeup as a drag queen?" Daniel joked. 

Randy opened his mouth to reply,but was cut off by Daniel talking again. 

"Can't believe you just now noticed. Let me guess,what she wore on Friday? I know scary,huh?"

"Real funny,Daniel." Randy told him,"But no,that's now what I was referring to." 

"Oh." Daniel's expression changed 

"What I meant to discuss with you is your glee club idea.I am tempted to let you try it out." 

"Really?" Daniel perked up 

"Yes,I mean you had some great points and after thinking about it,cutting off some of the funding for the Cheerios and lending it to your club isn't the worst idea known to man.I mean if it's as successful as the one 10 years ago." 

"Which it can be.And you know I think it can change the lives of some of the students.But we'll never know unless we try.Which is why I really think this could work."

Randy gave him a look signaling he was thinking hard about it.Daniel flashed him a smile. 

"Alright,fine." Randy nodded

"So you're saying it's a go?" Daniel asked,excited 

"Yes,but on some conditions."

"Of course." Daniel muttered 

Randy raised an eyebrow to which Daniel simply shrugged to dismiss his previous statement. 

"Anyway, condition one is you need at least 15 members.You don't get 15,the club is out."

"Gotcha." Daniel nodded

"Condition two,they need to make it to Nationals." 

Daniel tried to hide how uneasy that last comment made him.So instead,he returned a smug smile to Randy. 

"Got it." Daniel told him,"I can make it happen."

"Sure?" Randy asked  

"Randy,it's me,Daniel Muroney.Do I look like someone who can't succeed?"

"Good luck,Daniel." Randy simply replied looking down at his desk 

Daniel nodded and stood up from his chair.Before he walked out the door,he turned around to face Daniel. 

"And just so you know Randy,you won't be disappointed by this."

"I hope not."

Daniel walked out of his office only to walk into, in his words the Wicked Witch of Lima,Zoe Cartwright. 

"Hey Danny." Zoe greeted him in a fake,sweet voice 

"Hello Zoe,I see you're still dressing like a high school girl.You do know that won't make you look younger right." 

It made Danny happy inside when she frowned and gave him that death glare.She breathed out obviously ticked.

"Anyway," she flipped her hair over her shoulder,"What brought you to Randy's office.Begging again? You know you really should stop that."

"Actually,if you must know." Daniel crossed his arms,"Randy called me to his office.Secondly,I did no begging."

"Oh yeah,what'd he want?" Zoe placed her hand on her hip 

"He was telling me that my idea of a glee club was a go."

"Excuse me." Zoe said,unpleased 

"You heard right.Some of the funds for your dancing barbies and dancing Kens will go to me.Not that you need the money,I mean you work them like they're the help,I'm sure they're petrified to what would happen if they lost a competition." 

"My Cheerios have something you probably know nothing about." Zoe snapped,"It's called talent." 

"We'll see who knows about talent when you see my glee club." 

"Like anyone will join that trainwreck." Zoe rolled her eyes

"Well, I guess we'll just have to see,won't we?"

Zoe flared her nostrils as Daniel stepped around her and walked down the hall.Daniel turned to see her walking in Randy's office with her fists balled up. 

"Oh,what a beautiful day." he commented with a smile

"So anyways,I was thinking about getting into something new." Kathleen "Kat" Orton said as she walked with her best friends

"Define new?" one of her best friends and fellow Cheerio,Franchesca Gomez asked her

"I don't know join some school clubs,perhaps..."

"School clubs." Devonne said the word,like it was the name of a disease

"Yeah." Kat shrugged,"Like debate or...."

"I know what a school club is." Devonne cut her off,"I mean why on earth would you want to do that? You're a Cheerio."

"Yeah,but I mean it'd be fun to branch out,you know."

"Kat," Devonne placed a hand on her shoulder,"You're smart,so I know you'll completely understand this when I say it to you.You don't need to do anything that will take your mind off the Cheerios.Now I hate to say this to you,but your game has been a little off and joining some lame club,will only make it worse.Would you really sacrifice your spot on the Cheerios,which win the championship every year, and is the place you get to hang out with your best friends, for some lame club?"

"No." Kat answered,with a shake of her head

"Exactly." Devonne smiled

Kat didn't respond,she didn't have to,because the topic was completely erased when Kellan walked over with one of his friends.Franchesca giggled and grabbed her boyfriend,Kellan's jacket,pulling him close to her.

"Hi." Franchesca smiled and wrapped her arms around Kellan's neck

"I was just thinking about you." Kellan smiled at her

"Really?" Franchesca beamed,"Were you thinking about how pretty my hair is? Or how I am the best Cheerio on the squad?"

"Excuse me?" Devonne cleared her throat

"Besides,Devonne and Kat." Franchesca corrected

"Yeah,but mostly I was thinking about how you're the best girlfriend in the world."

"Aww," Franchesca cooed,"And you're the best boyfriend in the world."

After seeing Franchesca tongue her boyfriend for over two minutes,Devonne cleared her throat.Franchesca and Kellan stopped kissing abruptly.

"Sorry Kel." Devonne said breaking the two apart,"But us girls have things we need to discuss."

"We do?" Franchesca asked

"Yes." Devonne said to her,nodding,"We do."

"O....kay." Kellan answered,"Bye babe."

"Bye." Franchesca kissed his cheek before he and his friend walked away

"Do you have to flaunt your relationship in front of our faces?" Devonne asked once he was out of earshot

Franchesca frowned when Devonne and Kat started walking down the hall without her.

"I thought you were with someone new." Franchesca said following them,"Things fizzle out with that 21 year old?"

"Obviously." Devonne scoffed

"Still can't believe Justin dumped you." Kat told her

"Yeah you two were cute together." Franchesca added

"What pissed me off is he said that crap about it not being me,it being him." Devonne complained,"I mean who says that?!"

"You were too good for him anyways." Kat complimented her

"Yeah,Dev,you could get any guy you want."

"Well duh!" Devonne said,flipping her hair over her shoulder

Kat and Franchesca exchanged glances.Devonne stopped and turned around to see they weren't following her.

"Well are you guys coming?" she placed her hands on her hips

The two girls nodded and quickly ran to catch up with her.

"Overall,I think that you'll enjoy being here at McKinley." Randy said to Addison and her aunt Courtney as the three walked down the hall

Addison didn't say anything just scanned the school.Her old school looked much better.But there was no way,she could show her face in that place again.

"Do you think you'll have a good time adjusting?" Randy asked Addison

Addison,not paying attention,didn't answer.Her aunt nudged her,snapping her back to reality.

"I'm sorry,what did you say?" Addison looked up at him

"Principal Miller,here,was asking do you think you'd adjust well to this school." Courtney informed her

"Yeah,I guess." Addison answered

"I've heard that you're very well in academics.McKinley is happy to have you,MacKenzie."

"Addison." she corrected him quickly

"I beg your pardon?" he looked at Courtney

"She goes by Addison." she informed him,sweetly

"Oh,my mistake." Randy replied,"Well Addison,if you have any questions feel free to see me anytime."

"Thanks." Addison muttered

"Excuse me,Mr.Miller,could I speak to Addison alone for a moment." Courtney smiled at him

"Of course." Randy nodded and walked away from the two of them

"Addison." Courtney said in her parental voice once Randy was out of earshot

"What?" Addison shrugged looking down

"Look,I know it's hard.You've been through hell.But it's time to make a recovery." her aunt said to her,"We miss the old Addison.You got to learn to be yourself again."

"You make it sound like it's easy.It's not."

"I believe you.I know you're struggling." Courtney placed her hands on her niece's face,"But you have to try.Promise me you'll try."

Addison didn't answer.She crossed her arms and looked at the row of lockers.

"Addison,please." her aunt began to plead

Addison sighed.She hated seeing her aunt like this.She loved her aunt.Her aunt was doing so much by letting her live with her and everything.Addison was grateful for all she did.

"Okay." Addison said to her


"Okay, I promise to try." Addison promised

"Thank you." Courtney kissed the top of her head

"But I'm not gonna like it." Addison mumbled

"You might." her aunt disagreed,"Addison,this new beginning may be good for you.Now come on,let's catch up with Principal Miller."

Addison watched as her aunt walked down the hall.She smiled and looked down.Then memories from a while back began to resurface in her head.

"Maybe.....maybe not." she said to herself before walking down the hall

Whatcha ya got there?" Daniel heard someone say from behind him

He turned to see the McKinley's Spanish teacher,Camille Rossdale, standing behind him.She smiled as she tried to see what he was taping to the wall.

"It's a flyer for the glee club." Daniel answered with a smile

"Randy accepted the idea?" Camille asked,with a surprised expression


"That's great!" Camille cheered,hugging him

Camille backed away when the hug had lasted so long that it became weird.She smiled nevously and Daniel hoped his face wasn't turning red like a tomato.

"I think that this is a great idea." she told him

"Yeah,you've been supportive from the beginning." Daniel smiled,"I really appreciate it.It helped that someone else wanted this to happen besides me."

"Well great minds think alike."

"Now let's just hope I get auditions." Daniel said turning to look at the flyer

"You will." Camille promised,placing a hand on his shoulder,supportively

"I have faith in you." she told him,"Now if you excuse me,I have a class to get back to."

"Yeah,I should get going too." Daniel agreed,"Teaching Science and all."

"Of course." Camille replied,as she turned and walked away

Daniel exhaled sharply and turned back to look at the flyer.He really didn't want this idea to be a bust.He'd never forget it and worse Zoe would taunt him for the rest of eternity.Something he just couldn't live with.

"Oh and Daniel." Camille stopped walking and turned around to face him,"I really hope this will work out."

"Well that makes two of us." Daniel smiled

"Would you look at this?" Stella Carlisle stopped at the flyer tapped next to her locker,"They're having auditions for a glee club."

"A glee club?" one of Stella's friends,redhead,Sabrina Luke repeated

"Isn't that the thing they had like 20 years ago?" Stella and Sabrina's other friend,football player,Ethan Rivers questioned

"I'm pretty sure it wasn't that long ago,Ethan." Sabrina teased

"Anyways,it seems like a cool idea.But I don't think I'm up for it." Stella opened up her locker

"Well what about you,Sabrina?" Ethan turned to her

"Me?" Sabrina blinked,"Like I could do something like that."

"Why not?" Ethan asked

"Do you know how the school would react? Sabrina Luke,sister of Colby Luke,tries out for lame glee club." Sabrina told him,"I can hear the taunts now."

"You're Colby's sister not his shadow." Ethan replied,"And you have talent."

"Please." Sabrina mocked,"Now you're just trying to flatter me."

"Tell her,Stell." Ethan nudged Stella

"He's right,doll." Stella said to Sabrina,"You can hit high notes like Mariah Carey."

"You know if you guys want me to do something all you have to do is ask."

"I want you to join the glee club." Ethan told her

"Right." Sabrina shook her head,"Like I could do that.And what's with all the hype about me joining.I don't see you wanting to join."

"It's not because I can't." Ethan retorted

"So I have to join but you don't have to?"

"Fine,I'll join.But will you?" Ethan asked her

Sabrina crossed her arms like she was thinking hard about it.

"No." Sabrina answered

"But I said I would join." Ethan complained

"And I'll support you." Sabrina told him,"But I'm not joining.Okay,it's hard enough being Colby's sister as it is.Don't make me harder for me."

Sabrina then began to walk away.

"Oh come on," Ethan stopped her,"You can't live in Colby's shadow forever.And who says you'll get picked on? You forget,I'm a jock.I could protect you."

"But I don't want you to." she shut him down


"No." she cut him off,"There's no way I could be seen doing that.It's different for you."


"I'm sorry,but there's no way I'm joining that club." Sabrina told him and walked down the hall

"Sorry,Ethan." Stella walked up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder

"I really think she could do this." Ethan said to her

"Of course she could." Stella agreed,"Sabrina could take the glee club by storm."

"Mr.Muroney just has to hear her sing...." Ethan said,beginning to form a plan

"What are you thinking?" Stella raised an eyebrow

"No worries,Stell." Ethan told her

Stella rolled her eyes and followed him down the hall.That was Ethan for you.Always up to something

"So,I've been wondering...." Kellan said in the locker room,"Why did you dump Devonne?"

All the guys in the locker made sounds of agreement as all eyes turned on Justin.

"Simple,she got boring." Justin shrugged

"Devonne Muse." Colby stated,"Got boring?"

"Yeah,those two words just don't sound right together." Kellan agreed

"Yeah,Justin.Tell us the story." another jock said to him

"I mean there's no story to tell." Justin told them,"It just fizzled out for me.I like to keep it fresh."

"Now that makes sense." Kellan joked

"Speaking of fresh." Justin smiled,"Colby,when you gonna let me take a whirl with Sabrina."

"Uh,never." Colby answered serious

"Oh come on." Justin teased,"I could change her life.Make it meaningful."

"The only thing you're gonna do when it comes to my sister." Colby corrected him,"Is stay away from her."

"Dude,chill.She's not even you real sister."

"Do I look like I care? You leave her alone." Colby warned

"Fine.No one wants that chick anyway.She looks like a messed up red velvet cupcake." Justin fired back

"Wanna repeat that?" Colby growled walking over

"Think I won't?" Justin stood up from the bench

"Guys,quit it!" Kellan stood in the middle of them

"Talk about my sister again and you won't be able to speak at all." Colby snarled

"Stop being such a baby." Justin snapped

"Would you two stop!" Kellan intervened,"Justin,you wouldn't want anyone talking about anyone in your family.So just drop it."

"Fine." Justin threw his hands up in the air,"I'm out of here."

The rest of the guys in the locker room watched as Justin stormed out of the locker room.

Justin stormed out of the locker room only to knock into his ex-girlfriend,Devonne.Instead of saying anything,she just looked at him with her arms crossed.

"What are you looking at?" Justin snapped

"The scum of the earth." Devonne retorted and stepped aside him

"I wasn't scum two weeks ago." Justin called after angrily

Devonne didn't answer just walked into the gym.

Back in the lockeroom,everything was back to normal.Colby threw his shorts in his duffel bag.He was still enraged. Colby let out a breath and ran a hand through his short,brown hair.

"Look,thanks." Colby said to Kellan,trying to calm himself down

"No problem.I know you were defending your sister and all ,but you gotta start controlling your anger."

"I know,I know." Colby picked up his duffel bag

"As long as you know." Kellan said following Colby out of the locker room.

Max made himself comfortable in Ms. Bolton's office. He was used to being in there,except this time he had no idea what the reason for. Finally, Ms. Bolton walked back into her office. Max couldn't help but eye her skirt that showed off her stunning legs. Too bad she was his counselor.

"Hello,Max." she greeted him

"Ms.B.You look.," Max paused to look her up and down,"beatiful as always."

Jasmine Bolton simply smiled,knowing what he was up to.She leaned forward in her chair.

"You can save the charm,Max." she told him,"You're not in trouble."

"Hey,if I was could you blame me? I come to place where I'm supposed to learn and then I see you walking down the hall looking like a hotter version of Halle Berry." Max thew his hands up innocently,"I mean Ms.B how do you expect me to focus?"

Jasmine simply shook her head.She didn't even flush at his compliment. She instead folded her arms. She was used to Max's antics by now. She knew them too well.He would never change,it seemed like.

"Moving on. I called you to my office because I wanted to talk to you."

"Obviously." Max flashed her a smile,"But about what?"

"I'm engaged so stop smirking.Anyways,I just wanted to see how you are doing." she told him,"Doing good with the grades so far?"

"Have some faith,Ms.B. I'm a bad boy,but I'm a smart one."

"That you are.When it comes to academics,you're amazing.But when it comes to life decisions,you're falling."

"Ouch." Max expressed,offended,"I thought counselors raised you up.All you're doing is tearing me down."

Jasmine simply grinned,she refused to play into his humor and sarcasm. She was aware of the crush Max had on her. And she carefully made sure not to play into his flirtation. She cared for Max,but the same way she cared for the rest of her students.

"I just think that you should focus your priorites elsewhere."

"What does that mean?" he raised an eyebrow

"You know what I mean."

"Ms.B." Max grinned,"If this is your way to wanting to spend more time with me.Just go ahead and ask.But can we do it after school."

She rolled her eyes as Max wiggled an eyebrow.

"I mean I think you should get involved in some extra-curriculars."

"Like what?" Max raised his eyebrows

"I know how much you're into music,so what about the glee club."

"The what?" Max blinked

"The glee club.You haven't seen the flyers?"

"Do I like someone who pays attention to anything this school does?" Max askd her

"Here's a flyer." she handed the paper to him

Max scanned the sheet and then handed it back to her.He then leaned back in his chair and placed his elbows behind his head.Jasmine waited patiently for him to say something.When she realized that he wasn't,she ended the silence.

"Well?" she aked

"The answer is no." he stated,simply

"What? Why?" she asked

"Because I'm not some geek."

"The glee club has nothing to do with being a geek.This could be good for you."

"Yeah,right." Max snorted

"I mean it Max," Jasmine stood up and walked over to him,"You're a talented kid.I don't want you getting caught up with the wrong people and doing the wrong things.And I think the glee club could help you with that.."

"Why do I feel like I've heard this before?"

"Max,I'm telling you this because a lot can change this year.she informed him

"You say that like you care."

"You know I care."

"Oh really?" Max said sarcastic

"Not in that way." she corrected him,"You're my student.And out of my league."

"Out of your league," Max laughed,"Didn't you had one."

"Get to class." Jasmine ordered

Kat and Franchesca were on their way to deliver a note to the counselor when a neon green flyer caught Franchesca's attention.She stopped immediately.

"Look,Kat!" Franchesca pointed to the flyer

"Glee club auditions." Kat read aloud

"It sounds cool,right?" Franchesca smiled

"I guess,but Dev would never go for it."

"You're right." Franchesca pouted,"So it's a definite no go."

Kat looked at the poster and at her frowing best friend.It could be a great idea.She had heard of how successful the other glee club was.What if this one was just as good.Making up her mind,she shook her head.

"No." Kat stated


"I think we should do it." Kat told her

"But you said youself...." Franchesca began

"Yeah,but I mean I really do want to get involved in more stuff.And back in the day the glee club used to be cool."

"True,but what will Dev say?"

"She'll be mad,but she'll get over it." Kat shrugged,"Who knows,maybe we could convince her to join."

"Yeah,right." Franchesca snorted

"It could happen." Kat shrugged

"Yeah,when I go blonde."

"Come on,let's go."

Kat grabbed Franchesca's arm and led her down the hall.

"And you're really going to audition?" Parker asked

"Yeah." Ethan nodded,not seeing the deal

"Have you lost your mind?" Parker asked leaning back against the locker

"No." Ethan shook his head,"And I'm auditioning because that may be the only way for Sabrina to audition."

"And why does it matter if Sabrina auditions?"


"Because." Parker repeated,urging him to elaborate

Ethan sighed and put a textbook in his locker.Did Parker always have to know the breakdown of things?

"Because it could be good for her." Ethan said not looking at him

"Good for her."

"Yeah.You know she's really talented and I think people should see it."

"And this has nothing to do with the fact that you want to spend more time with her?" Parker questioned

"What? No." Ethan shook his head,still not making eye contact,"This is about Sabrina's self esteem."

"Which you care so much about."

"A true friend would."

"But you want her as more than a friend." Parker reminded him

"I just want Sabrina to do something fun.And she loves singing.She's amazing and I think people should see it.People should should get to see the Sabrina that I see."

"Do you hear yourself? You sound like a lovesick puppy!" Parker told him

"I do not.I just think that she should do this." Ethan turned around to face him

"But you also think that she should be your girlfriend." Parker crossed his arms,"So why not ask her that instead of pressuring her to join some tacky club that you don't even want to join."

"Okay first of all,I'm not pressuring her.Second of all, I might actually like the club."

"And what about the part where you want her to be your girlfriend?"

Ethan opened his mouth,but then closed it.He searched his brain for something to say.

"See,you do like her." Parker smirked

Ethan refusing to comment,changed the subject.

"Remind me, why are we friends?" Ethan asked him

"Because without me you'd never come back down to reality." Parker said to him with a smile

"Right." Ethan said sarcastic,"What would I do without you?"

"That's a world,I'd be afraid to live in." Parker commented

Addison walked down hall breathing in and out.She knew she had promised her aunt Court,that she'd try,but being in that classroom was doing nothing but lowering her IQ she felt like.

"You're skipping too?" she heard a male voice call out

Addison stopped walking and looked to see who said that to her.She didn't see anyone.

"Over here,princess." the voice spoke again

Addison turned around to see Max Franklin aka McKinley's bad boy walking towards her.She looked him up and down.He gave her weird vibes.

"I'm not skipping." she stated,"I was going to the bathroom."

"Oh really?" he raised an eyebrow

"Yes,unlike you I'm not some deliquient." Addison said to him

"Well,the bathroom is that way." he pointed in the other direction,"Unless you're going to the boys'."

Addison bit her tongue and glared at him.It was her first day and someone had already made her feel like an idiot.She flashed him a smile and then began walking to the right bathroom.

"What no thank-you,princess?" Max called after her

"Thank you." Addison mumbled

"Whoa." Max walked in front of her,"What's your deal?"

"You." Addison stated

"Now what did I do?" Max raised his hands innocently

"You're bothering me." Addison replied

"Do you always have an attitude?" he asked

"Do you always corner girls in the hallway?" she folded her arms

Max smiled and laughed softly.Addison noted that he had a cute smile.She eyed him up and down.He was definitely a catch.He could get any girl he want. Not that she was interested.

"You're staring,princess." Max noted

"Look was there something you wanted?" she asked

"Again with the rude tone."

"I'm gonna take that as a no." Addison turned around

"Hope I see ya around,princess." Max called after her as she walked down the hall

"I don't." she said loud for him to hear

But secretly,she did.She really did.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" Franchesca asked

Kat huffed and kept walking.She was starting to regret bringing Franchesca down here.Franchesca had agreed to audition with her,but the way she was whining,Kat had a feeling she was gonna drop out.

"Yes,now come on." Kat continued to drag her bestie into the audiotorium

"What about when Dev finds out!" Franchesca whined

"Do you really wanna spend the rest of your life listening to Dev?" Kat placed her hands on Franchesca's shoulders,"I love Dev dearly,but I want to do this.Now are you in or are you out."

"Why what do I have here?" Daniel said walking off the stage,"You two must be my first auditions.And both of you are Cheerios.Wow,I bet Coach Zoe is just giddy about this."

"Hey,Mr.Muroney." Kat greeted

"Oh please,call me Mr.M."

"Okay,Mr.M." Kat smiled,"I'm Kat and this is Franchesca."

"Are you two going solo or...."

Kat turned to look at Franchesca.Franchesca let out a deep breath and looked at her shoes.Kat sighed,thinking she was going to have to do this alone.

"Looks like...."

"We're doing a duet." Franchesca blurted out

"Really?" Kat mouthed to her

Franchesca nodded and smiled.Kat giggled happily and hugged her best friend.

"Well do you two wanna get up there and show me what you got?" Daniel asked them

"Let's do this." Franchesca grabbed Kat's hand

Franchesca and Kat ran up on the stage,smiled at each other and then began to sing.

M-A-D-E I-N America
M-A-D-E I-N America
Striped flag, wrapped around my head
Blue, white, little bit of red
Live free, like we always said
Oh whoa oh
California born and raised
Work hard, gonna make a name
Get in closer everyday
Oh whoa oh
And now my life is gettin' better
It don't no matter what the weather
We're gonna celebrate together
All night long
And they say age is just a number
But we're not getting any younger
So let's celebrate together
All night long
Sing it like ooh
Sing it like ooh
Cause we're made in, made in, made in, in America
It's true
Baby it's true
Cause we're made in, made in, made in, in America

Kat and Franchesca sang the last note harmonizing.They exchanged looks with each other and then turned to look at Daniel.Daniel stood up from his seat and smiled.

"Kat,Franchesca." Daniel said their names aloud,"Welcome to my glee club."

"Yes!" the two girls squealed and hugged each other tightly

So how you doing?" Sabrina asked walking in step with Colby

"Fine." Colby replied not looking at her

Sabrina looked down at her feet as she and her brother walked down the hall.One of the glee club flyers then caught her attention.She gulped and spoke again.

"Did you hear about the glee club auditions?" she asked

"Yeah,it's not gonna work." Colby answered

"It's not."

"Of course not." Colby shook his head,"Who would join that whack club?"

"Someone who loves to sing...." Sabrina suggested

"Someone lame and tacky.Because that is what you'd be in that club.It's like social suicide."

Sabrina looked down and bit her lip.She had been thinking of all what Ethan said to her.But after hearing Colby's remarks,she was happy she changed her mind.

"I mean you wouldn't join that stupid thing,would you?" Colby turned towards her

"No." Sabrina murmured,"Not in a million years."

"Who am I kidding?" Colby responded,"Of course you wouldn't.You're smarter than that."

Sabrina stopped walking as Colby kept walking to his locker.She felt a little numb inside.She exhaled deeply.She knew joining would be a stuid idea.All Colby did was confirm it for her.So why did she still have doubts?

Addison was so pleased to know that the day was over.This felt like the longest day ever to her.She just wanted to go home and take a shower.Her phone then buzzed.She dug in her bag and pulled out her iphone.It was a text message from her aunt.She said she'd be a little late.

Addison huffed,deflated.That meant she'd have to spend more time at this school.Which didn't please her.

Instead of going outside,she decided to wait by her locker.She found herself bored and started singing quietly.

I wait for the postman to bring me a letter
I wait for the good Lord to make me feel better
And I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders
A family in crisis that only grows older

"Well,well,well." Addison jumped when she heard someone say that in the distance

She whirled around to see it was that guy from earlier.She sighed,this time pissed.What was him and popping up of nowhere.

"What do you want?" she asked,with her hands on her hips

"So you do always come with the attitude." Max commented

"Only when I'm being spied on."

"Spied on?" Max scoffed,"You're in the school hallway."

"So." Addison snapped

"Look,I wasn't spying.But ignoring that,you got a voice on you." Max noted

"You barely heard me." Addison told him

"No,that's where you're wrong princess." he replied,"I heard enough.You got talent."

"Should I even care that you're complimenting me?"

"Of course you should." he smiled

"Well,then I'm flattered." Addison told him sarcastic

She began to walk down the hall when he started talking again.

"Gonna join the glee club?" he blurted out

Now why did he ask that? He honestly didn't have a clue.It wasn't like he cared what she did.

"What?" she turned around

"The glee club." he pointed to a nearby flyer,"You gonna join?"

"Why would I do that?" she crossed her arms

"I don't know." Max shrugged,"You're new here.Might help you meet new people,make friends."

"I don't need friends." Addison said quickly

Max raised an eyebrow.Addison looked over her shoulder.She didn't mean for it come out that way.Now she seemed like some loner.Which she was.But the last thing she wanted was people to get the wrong impression of her.Because that lead to rumors and gossip.And she couldn't handle that.

"I mean..." she began

"Hey,it's cool." he cut her off, "Your life is none of my business."

Addison nodded and stood there with her arms crossed.She didn't know whether to just turn around and walk away or say something.He didn't help by standing there and staring at her either.Addison looked up at the ceiling and began to think about all the things her aunt had told her.About starting over and all.

"Only if you do it." she then blurted out

"What?" he blinked

"You want me to join." she began placing her hands on her hips,"Then you have to join too.Could you do that?"

Max stood there for a moment thinking of what she had just bargained.She wanted him to join the glee club? Was she insane? What was it with people thiking he was someone that did the status quo?

"Why are you standing there like you just saw Lady Gaga in a meat dress? You wanna say something?"

Max still didn't answer.He was too busy searching his brain for an answer.

"Exactly." Addison said after she felt like he was silent for too long

She had to admit she was relieved and a bit sad.Part of her actually thought he'd agree.Then again,why was she trying to do something like that anyway?

"Well,as much as I'd love to stand here and play the staring game,I got to go."

Max watched as she walked down the hall.He breathed out deeply and put his hands in his pockets.He had an urge to turn around and go on his way.So why couldn't he make his feet move?

"Fine." he blurted out

He kinda wanted to take it back after he said it.Addison stopped in her tracks and turned around to face him.She made a shocked expression.

"Really?" she asked

"Yeah,you join,I'll join."

Addison bit her bottom lip and stood there for a moment.It was her plan in the first place.She couldn't just back out.

"Fine.We'll both audition." she agreed

"Okay." he nodded


"Good." he then turned around and walked down the corner

Daniel was finishing up some work when someone knocked on his door.He got up from his desk and walked over to see Ethan Rivers standing at the door.

"Ethan?" Daniel called his name,"What brings you to my room."

Ethan was a straight A student plus he wasn't a goofball that got in trouble.So it's not like Ethan had reason to show up to his classroom after school.

"Hey,Mr.M." Ethan said

"What's up,Ethan?" Daniel walked into his classroom

"You're the one reviving the glee club,right?" he questioned

"Why yes I am." Daniel nodded

"I know someone that would you be a perfect addition to your club."

"Really?" Daniel perked up

"Yeah,she's extrememly talented."

"So I was wondering what if two people auditioned together?"

"Like a duet?" Daniel asked


"Well I have no problem with that." Daniel shrugged,"If that's how two people want to audtion.It's fine with me."

"Okay,now here's the thing." Ethan explained,"One of the people auditioning can't know it's an audition."

Daniel gave him a confused look.Ethan nodded,he knew how weird it sounded.But the only way his plan would work was if it all went exactly to plan.

"I don't really comprehend..."

"Don't worry,you will." Ethan said

You could just tell her?" Kellan advised

Franchesca and Kellan had both lied and said they needed a bathroom break during their respective practices.Instead of using the bathroom,they were in the supply room talking and making out.

"I can't just tell her." Franchesca said,shaking her head,"It's not that easy."

"How come?" Kellan asked,"You wanted to join."

Frankly,Kellan wasn't the big fan of Devonne.She could really be a total b*tch and he wasn't for that.But it irked him more of how Devonne had such a strong effect on Franchesca.He liked it better when she wasn't around Devonne,because then she was her own person.

"Yeah,but she thought it was a stupid idea."

"But you didn't.Otherwise you wouldn't have joined."

"I know." Franchesca whined

Kellan sighed and shook his head.How Franchesca got herself in this situations was unknown to him.Only she could do it.Not that it was really a big deal,if it was him he would have just told and it would be over with.But it was different with girls.Especially Franchesca.

"I never said I was the smartest girl." Franchesca reminded him

"Hey," Kellan lifted her up,"You're plenty smart.You just don't think all the time.You only think about Point A while I think about Point A,B,and C."

"Which is why we work well together."

"Which is exactly why we work good together." Kellan corrected with a smile

Franchesca smiled and pressed her lips to his.He made everything better.

"So," Camille said walking in the audiotorium,"Get any auditions?"

Daniel,who was simply just sitting on the stage,smiled.Camille walked over to him and got up on the stage and took a seat next to him.

"Yeah,I got two auditions."

Camille frowned at the way he replied.She knew he had been hoping for more.

"Well,hey." she nudged him."You just posted the flyers this morning."


"No,don't get all negative.You gotta think positive." she told him,"Did you think negative about Randy allowing you to bring the glee club back?"

"No." Daniel answered

"And look where that got you." she pointed out,"He agreed.Thinking negative will get ya nowhere."

"I suppose you may be right."

"May be?" Camille raised an eyebrow

"I mean you're without a doubt,a hundred percent right." Daniel corrected

"I know I am." Camille smiled

"You know we should hang out sometime." Daniel offered

When she didn't say anything just looked at him, he got tense.He hadn't been with anyone since he moved here.Not that he thought of her that way.She was his co-worker after all.She was beautiful,of course.But he liked her as a friend.He did like her as a friend,right?

"You're asking me to hang out?" she finally said,chuckling

"What? Yeah."

"Sorry,I just feel like we're in high school." she told him chuckling

"So,I'll take that...."

"I'm sorry.Sorry." she said and stopped laughing,"But maybe."

"Maybe?" Daniel raised an eyebrow

"Yeah." Camille said hopping off the stage,"Maybe we can hang out sometime."

Daniel smiled as Camille winked and walked out of the audiotorium.

Sabrina was laying on her bed staring at the ceiling when someone knocked on her door.Sabrina lifted her head up.

"Come in." she replied

"Hi,sweetie." one of her moms,or Colby's biological mom said walking in

"Hey mom." Sabrina smiled

"Dinner will be ready soon." she told her,sitting on her bed

"I don't think I'm hungry." Sabrina looked at the ceiling again

"But Mona fixed your favorite." Maura Luke told her

"I know I just don't have ann appetite today."

"Are you okay?" her mom questioned

"Of course." Sabrina sat up in her bed,"Why wouldn't I be?"

"I mean no reason,but you know Mo and I have been talking about you.We just worry."

"Why?" Sabrina kept her eyes glued to her comforter

"Because,honey,you just never get out there and do stuff." Maura explained,"I mean Colby does sports and stuff.Then you,you just seem to be a loner and I don't want that for you."

"If I was a loner,I wouldn't have friends."

"That's not what I meant."

"Then what did you mean? I know Colby has it all and stuff...."

"Sabrina." her mother called her name silencing her,"Colby and you are different people.Mona and I worry about you because we feel that you'll never take the chance to show people who you are.You're beautiful and talented.We just want you to show that.I want people to love you and be amazed by your talents as much as your mom and I are."

Sabrina thought back to what Ethan said.It sounded really similar.Sabrina brought her knees up to her chest.

"I just want you to be happy." her mom concluded

"You really think I'm talented." Sabrina looked up at her

"Are you kidding me? You're my daughter,you can't be anything less than perfect."

This caused Sabrina to smile which made Maura smile.

"I love you." Sabrina said to her

"I love you too." Maura said and hugged her

"I love you more." Sabrina teased with a smile

"Not possible." Maura answered and before placing a kiss on her forehead

Courtney La Rue  watched in amazement as Addison ate her dinner.She was surprised when Addison let her order her dinner and now she was eating! When Addison first came to live with her,she wouldn't eat anything.Now right in front of her Addison was munching on her chicken sandwich and french fries.

"Why are you staring at me?" Addison asked snapping Courtney out of her daze

'It's're eating."

"Oh." Addison looked at the fry in her hand

"I'm guessing you had a good day."

"Sorta." Addison shrugged

'That's great.I know it's not Pipton,but I think it's a good school."

Addison grew silent at the mention of her old school.Somewhere she felt she could never set foot in again.

"See, I told you things would start to ease up." Courtney popped a chicken nugget in her mouth,"You just had to get away.Your mom knew that too.Speaking of your mom,have you called her?"

Addison put her fries down.She felt the contentness she had been feeling slip away.

"Addison,did you hear me?"

"Yes." Addison replied

"Well have you called her?" her aunt followed up

"No." Addison said solemn

"Addison,she's your mom." she said with a sigh

"And Vincent is my dad." Addison responded

Courtney sighed and looked at Addison.She had pulled her knees up to her chest and was staring at the wall.She immediately regretted saying anything.

"Your mom loves you."

Addison felt anger begin to cover her all over.She didn't want to discuss her parents. How did she expect Addison to try and move on by digging up the past? Addison wanted to keep her parents buried in the past.Forever.

"Look, I had a good day at school." Addison said still looking at the wall,"Can't we just leave it at that?"


"Know what." Addison stood up,"I'm not hungry anymore."

Courtney sighed as Addison stomped up the stairs.

"And you think this is gonna work?" Stella asked the next day

"Yeah." Ethan shrugged as he and Stella walked to class

After Sabrina left,Ethan decided to fill Stella in how he planned on getting Sabrina to audition.He was a hundred percent sure it would be a success.It had to be.

"Have you considered the consequences of this though?"

"The consequences?"

Ethan gave her a look implying that he didn't think there were any possible consequences.There was no way he could lose.

"Okay,what happens when Sabrina finds out what you did? She'll freak and then won't join the club." Stella reasoned,"And what about the fact you got to get her to sing? What if she doesn't sing?"

"It's me." Ethan replied,"She'll sing for me."

"You seem so sure." Stella rolled her eyes

"It's Sabrina,we're talking about.I'm Ethan.Her best friend!"

"Excuse me?"

"Besides you." Ethan corrected


"Just trust me,it'll work." Ethan swore

"And when it doesn't," Stella said running a hand through his hair,"don't worry I'll be here to keep Sabrina from ripping those curly,brown,locks out of your hair."

"Admit it you love my locks."

"As much as I adore raw fish."

"You hate fish." Ethan pointed out

"Exactly." Stella winked

"Okay what is it?" Devonne said to Kat and Franchesca during stretches

"What?" Kat gave her a look of confusion

"What are you two hiding?" she questioned

"I'm unaware of what's you're....." Kat began

"Save it,Kat." Devonne cut her off,"I can tell when Franchesca is hiding something.She bites her nails."

Kat and Devonne turned to look at Franchesc who immediately dropped her hands down to her side.Devonne turned back to Kat and raised an eyebrow.Kat sighed and shook her head.

"Okay,the truth is we tried out for the glee club." Kat confessed

"You did what now?"

"It was all Kat's idea." Franchesca said quickly

"I admit it." Kat nodded,"It was my idea.And you know I'm not ashamed.I mean what if the glee club really does become a success? I don't not wanna be part of that."

Devonne just stared at the two of them in silence.Franchesca and Kat exchanged glances.

"She's right." Franchesca agreed,"Singing on that stage was exhilirating,even if it was only one person there.Imagine how it would feel with a whole audience."

"Besides,it's no secret that we dominate the Cheerios." Kat whispered

"We could dominate the glee club too." Franchesca whispered

That caught Devonne's attention.Devonne did like dominating things.She had made the Cheerios champions,if she said so herself.Why not do the same with the glee club.Plus,her two besties would be with her.It was like a double win.

"The three of us in the glee club would make it amazing." Franchesca told her

"Yeah,Devonne think about it,we could be what they need to get to that trophy." Kat added

Devonne smiled at the two of them.She had officially been bought.

"Okay." Devonne nodded

"Okay as in...."

"I'm gonna join the glee club." Devonne confirmed

"Yes!" Kat and Franchesca squealed high-fiving each other

Why are we in here?" Sabrina asked as Ethan led her into the audiotorium

"I thought we could do something fun." Ethan explained

Sabrina looked at him weirdly as he looked around.It was like he was searching for someone.

"So you decided to come here?" Sabrina raised an eyebrow

"Hey,it's me,Ethan." he teased,"Do I ever make sense?"

"True." Sabrina nodded

She watched as Ethan jumped on the stage and threw his stuff down.Sabrina stood in the aisle watching him.

"What are we exactly gonna do?"

"I have an idea." Ethan said

Sabrina waited for him to answer.When he didn't she rolled her eyes and said something.

"What's the idea?!"

"Come up here and see." he told her

"You're unbelieveable." she teased

"Just come on,don't be a wuss."

Sabrina sighed playfully.She then walked up on the stage.She turned around to see Ethan sitting down at the piano.

"What are you doing?!" she hissed

"It's called sitting."

"I mean at the piano." she clarified

"We came up here to have some fun." he reminded her,"You can't have fun without music."

"Why don't you just listen to your ipod?" Sabrina placed her hands on her hips

"This is better."

"Ethan,get up from there."

Ethan huffed.She was making this difficult.He needed her to sing or everything would be messed up.

"Why don't you ever wanna have some fun?" Ethan asked

"We don't have to have fun in here." she crossed her arms,"We could get in trouble."

"Sabrina,it's us.When do we ever get in trouble."

Sabrina didn't answer just eyed the exit.Ethan searched his brain for something to say.

"Hey,it's not like you're ever gonna sing in public anyway," he reminded her,"Why not sing here?"

Sabrina turned around and looked at him.He could tell she was listening.That was a good thing.

"You can sing with me." he offered

"One song and then we leave." she said with a serious expression on her face

"Deal." Ethan replied,"Now come up and sit on my piano and let's sing."

"Fine!' Sabrina walked over and hopped on the piano

"See how easy that was." he teased

"Yeah,whatever.But what should we sing?"

"I have an idea.I'll start the song.You just join in."

"Okay." she nodded

Ethan started playing the piano and began the first verse.


When you were here before
Couldn't look you in the eye
You're just like an angel
Your skin makes me cry


Oh, you float like a feather
In a beautiful world
Oh I wish I was special
You're so very special

Sabrina and Ethan:

But I'm a creep,


I'm a creep


I'm a weirdo


I'm a weirdo


What the hell am I doing here?


What the hell am I doing here

Ethan and Sabrina:

I don't belong here


I don't care if it hurts, mmm,
I wanna have control, oh, oh,
And I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul

Sabrina and Ethan:

I want you to notice
When I'm not around
You're so very special
I wish I was special



Ethan and Sabrina:

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here.

Ethan stopped playing the piano and smiled at Sabrina.She in return was smiling as well.

"So how was that?" she asked him

"Amazing." a voice out of nowhere said

"Ah!" Sabrina screamed and jumped off the piano,"What the hell was that?!"

"Him." Ethan pointed

Sabrina turned around to see Daniel standing there.Her eyes widened.She turned back to face Ethan.Ethan frowned when he saw her expression.

"What the hell,Ethan?" she hissed

"I wanted you to see how talented you are." Ethan explained

"Which you are." Daniel spoke up

Sabrina turned back around to face him.She looked and felt seriously conflicted.

"I just want to say you're both in.If you two want to join."

Sabrina looked at Ethan and huffed upset.

"It's a good idea." Ethan reasoned

"Yeah,maybe for you." she told him

"Sabrina,the glee club would be lucky to have you.Your voice is beautiful.You have talent." Daniel credited her,"You shouldn't keep a voice like that hidden."

Sabrina looked down at her feet.Joining the glee club could be fun,but the risk still scared her.

"You're always talking about how you want to do something for yourself." Ethan reminded her,"This could be it."

"I don't know." Sabrina shook her head

"The glee club needs you,Sabrina." Daniel told her

"Please." Ethan pleaded grabbing her hand,"Do it for me.Stella.Your moms.They'd love you to take this chance."

Sabrina thought back to all the things her mom had told her.She took a long,deep,breath and finally agreed.

"Okay." Sabrina looked at Daniel,"I'm in."

"Really!" Ethan exclaimed

"Yeah.But you're joining too." she informed him

"You couldn't stop me if you tried."

Sabrina smiled and giggled as he pulled her into a hug.

Colby and Kellan were talking at their lockers.Kellan noticed that Colby was jumpy.Kellan sighed,he didn't understand Colby at times.

"Are you off your meds for good or something?" Kellan asked

"What are you talking about?" Colby said avoiding eye contact

"Colby,I've known you for years.You think I don't know when you're not on your medicine?"

"Please don't turn into my mothers." Colby said,squeezing his eyes shut

"Dude,you almost broke Justin's nose yesterday." Kellan reminded him,"And you're being all jumpy.It's obvious you're off your meds."

"Look,you don't what it's like!" Colby said slamming his locker shut

Kellan's eyes widened and he looked around to see if students were watching.And they were.Colby let out a frustrated breath.He hated when this happened.

"Dude,chill." Kellan warned in a whisper

"What the hell are y'all looking it? Don't y'all have something better to do?" he yelled at the students who had their eyes glued on him,"Do y'all want a scene? Cause I can cause a scene!"

Students started rushing to class as Colby walked over like he was going to do something.Kellan grabbed Colby and slammed him against the locker.

"Dude,stop!" he told him

"What's your deal?" Colby asked him angrily

"You.Look,you're my bro and I love you.But you need to take your meds!"

"Just let me go."

"Are you good?" Kellan asked cautious

"Yes,yes! Now let me go."

Kellan moved away from him.Colby moved away from the locker and dusted his clothes off.

"I'm serious,Colby.You need....."

"Don't do that again!" Colby snarled,"I don't need you being my father."

Colby then stormed off down the hall.

Addison was sitting by herself in the back of the library.She was trying to read but she couldn't focus.Her mind continued to drift to other things.She pushed up jacket sleeve where she had the permanent reminder of her past.It was a scar.She began to trace the scar.

"Hey there princess." Max said plopping down at her table

Addison jerked her jacket sleeve down immediately.He was just always around!

"Are you stalking me?" she asked him

"Excuse me?" Max scoffed,"As if you're that special."

"Oh really?" Addison crossed her arms,"Because I can't go one place without you being there or showing up like that the genie in Aladdin!"

"You're comparing to some big,blue genie?" Max wrinkled his nose,"I know I'm hotter than that."

Addison felt her stomach felt churn when he mentioned his looks.

"Why are you over here?" she said changing the subject

"So it's illegal to say hi to you?"

"Why would you want to say hi to me?"

"Ouch." Max gave her an offended expression,"That hurts."

"I'm sure you'll survive."

"Anyways,you still gonna audition?"

"Are you?"

"Are you?" Max repeated,beginning to smirk

"You're so annoying." Addison rolled her eyes,"But if you do,then yes."

"Then I guess we'll both be auditioning." Max said with a nod

"You're really gonna do it?"

"Why wouldn't I? Don't think I have talent?"

"That's not what I said.You just don't seem like the type to do it."

"Well if we're being honest,neither do you."

"Good point."

"Are you agreeing with me on something?" Max gave her a shocked expression

"Don't get used to it."

"I wasn't going to."

Max stood up from the table,winked at her,and walked away.Addison's mouth dropped open as she watched him leave.That was it? He either shows up out of nowhere or leaves before the conversation has ended.He was so confusing.But she had to admit,she kinda liked it.Which wasn't okay for her.

"We're so happy you're doing this." Franchesca told Devonne

"Yeah,we think it's awesome." Kat nodded

"Of course it is." Devonne replied

"You'll do great." Kat told her

"Puh-lease.I'll be flawless." Devonne said with a breath of confidence

"You're right." Franchesca agreed

Devonne smiled at her friends and then turned towards Daniel who was siting in one of the seats waiting.He looked up to see her staring at him.

"Ready when you are." he smiled

"Okay." she smiled

Kat and Franchesca gave Devonne good luck hugs and kisses and then got off the stage.Devonne smiled and walked to the microphone.

"Go ahead and begin." he cued her

Devonne nodded and began to sing.

Call your girlfriend
It's time you had the talk
Give your reasons
Say it's not her fault
But you just met somebody new
Tell her not to get obsessed,
second-guessing everything you said and done
And then when she gets upset tell her how you never meant to hurt no one
Then you tell her that the only way her heart will mend
is when she learns to love again
And it won't make sense right now but you're still her friend
And then you let her down easy
Call your girlfriend
It's time you had the talk
Give your reasons
Say it's not her fault
But you just met somebody new
Don't you tell her how I give you something that you never even knew you missed
Don't you even try and explain how it's so different when we kiss
You just tell her that the only way her heart will mend
is when she learns to love again
And it won't make sense right now but you're still her friend
And then you let her down easy

Franchesca and Kat immediately started clapping and cheering when she wa done.Devonne smiled widely and bowed down.Devonne then looked at Daniel.

"I'm in right?" Devonne asked,"I mean I have to be in."

"Of course." Daniel nodded,"You're most definitely in."

"Thanks,doll." Devonne smiled

Franchesca and Kat ran up and hugged Devonne tightly.Devonne smiled as they as they congraluated her and threw compliments.

"You were amazing."

"Yeah like you were perfect." Kat complimented

"Of course,I was.I'm Devonne Muse."

"She was amazing.And Mr.M totally loved her." Ethan said to Parker

Ethan and Parker were in Science class,supposed to be working on a lab,but all Ethan could talk about was Sabrina.How perfect his plan was and how beautiful she could sing.Not that Parker wasn't used to Ethan talking about her,but it was just getting tiring.Especially considering the fact that Ethan was barely helping with the lab.

"That's great and all but all I asked was ,what is step 2?" the annoyance was apparent in Parker's voice

"Wait,what?" Ethan went blank

"The lab?" Parker said turning towards him,"The one we're supposed to be working on.You'd know that if you would focus on it."

"You don't have to be such a downer." Ethan mumbled

"Okay,so you got her to join the club.Now just tell her you're in love with her so we can move on."

"I'm not in love with her." Ethan said quickly,"She's my best friend."

"So are me and Stella." Parker said,mixing chemicals,"Don't see you doing stuff like that for us."

"Well,for one reason.I don't see you that way.And Stella,well she's more of the independent type."

"Tell me about it."

"I don't need to.You dated her for like two months.You know how she is."

"Yeah best two months ever.Well ,until she dumped me." Parker frowned

"Which was totally your fault." Ethan pointed out,putting his goggles on

"She asked me if I wanted to take a break?! What was I supposed to say?"

"Um,no." Ethan said like it was obvious

"Who would know to say that?!"

"Smart guys." Ethan shrugged,"Guys that wanted to keep their girlfriends."

"Let's just get back to work." Parker mumbled

"Aww,did I strike a nerve?" Ethan joked

"Just hand me the beaker." Parker growled

"I don't understand why we're ending so early." the blonde complained,placing her hair back in its neat bun

"Megan,I told you.I have other commitments." Max told her

"Like when someone is committed to a menstal instutuion?" she gave him a confused look

Max rolled his eyes.What was it he saw in this girl again? It certainly wasn't her brains.

"Listen,babe it's not personal." Max told her,putting his shirt on

"I just don't think it's fair." Megan pouted,"I bet whatever you have to do isn't even that important."

"Actually," Max took a moment to think about it,"It is."

Megan didn't say anything just huffed and picked up her bag.She had almost opened the door when Max grabbed her hand.

"What?" she said looking at him

"Call ya later?" he said,staring into her brown eyes

"Okay." she smiled,the giddy feeling returning to her

Max smiled as the girl kissed his cheek and left the closet.He laughed to himself once she was gone.It was just too easy for him.

He waited a few minutes and then exited the closet himself.He made sure the coast was clear and them walked to his locker.He opened it and grabbed his guitar.Just as he was about to close it,he paused.Did he really want to do this? He wasn't a dancing and singing type of guy.Plus what were the advantages for him? He then remembered Addison with her brown eyes and silky, black hair.She had swore she would join if he did.So he wouldn't be totally alone.Which couldn't hurt.Not to mention,Ms.Bolton did really want him to audition.And he kinda liked pleasing her even if she was married and perhaps out of his league.

Without giving it a second thought,Max closed his locker.

Addison walked into the empty audiotorium.She suddenly felt uneasy and wantd to run out.She didn't know what had got into her.She shouldn't have agreed to audition.She was supposed to stay out of the public eye.How would joining the glee club do that?

Addison looked around and realized that there was no Max in sigh.She felt herself become a little relieved.If Max didn't show that meant she didn't have to audition.Which wasn't exactly a bad thing in her mind.Since she was having doubts.

After a couple minutes,Addison decided to forget the whole thing.She was about to start walking when she heard footsteps from across the audiotorium.She turend her head to see Max walking down the aisle.He actually showed up.

"Where you are going princess?" he said walking towards her

"I had thought you were too chicken to show up."

"Ha." Max scoffed,"That doesn't even sound like me."

"Regardless,you showed so." Addison shrugged

"You sound disappointed to see me." Max noted

Addison opened her mouth to respond but was cut off by Daniel entering the audiotorium.His eyebrows raised when he saw Max.

Max Franklin wasn't one to do anything school related.Well except break school rules.None of the school staff had ever seen Max participate in anything extra curricular.Daniel was having a hard time believing he was actually standing in the audiotorium.

"Max Franklin." he said in awe,"You want to join my glee club?"

He said it as more of a question than a statement.It caused Addison to look at him.She honestly had no clue who Max Franklin was.

"I thought I'd give it a shot." he shrugged

"Interesting." Daniel then turned his eyes to Addison,"Hello,you must be...."

"Addison." she finished,"Addison Adams."

"Ah,yes.You're the new girl,correct?"

"Yeah,that's me."

"Well first off welcome.Secondly,I'm happy you've sparked an interest in my club."

"So should I go first?" Max offered

"If it's fine by Addison." Daniel looked at her

"I don't mind." Addison replied

"Alright then." Max said walking on the stage with his guitar,"Let's get this show on the road."

"This should be good." Addison heard Daniel mutter

Addison watched as Max started playing the guitar first and then began to sing.

Who says I can’t get stoned?
Turn off the lights and the telephone
Me in my house alone
Who says I can’t get stoned?
Who says I can’t be free?
From all of the things that I used to be
Re-write my history
Who says I can’t be free?
It’s been a long night in New York City
It’s been a long night in Baton Rouge
I don’t remember you looking any better
But then again I don’t remember you
Who says I can’t get stoned?
Call up a girl that I used to know
Fake love for an hour or so
Who says I can’t get stoned?

Addison was amazed by who good he was.She had to admit,she didn't expect that from him.She turned her head and noticed that Daniel was thinking the same thing.

Daniel shook his head in surprise.He sure wasn't expecting that.He always thought that Max had talent.He just didn't know he had this much.

"So." Max said ending the silence,"Am I in?"

"Absolutely." Daniel nodded,standing up,"Welcome aboard."

"Thanks." Max said jumping off the stage

"You're up,Addison." Daniel called her name

Addison nodded and then walked up to the stage.She noticed Max wink at her as she walked up the steps.She walked to the piano and sat down.

"Whenever you're ready." Daniel told her

Addison took a deep breath and looked at the piano.She suddenly wondered,if she was making the right choice.Refusing to give herself time to chicken out,she started playing the piano.

I'm a big big girl
in a big big world
It's not a big big thing if you leave me
but I do do feel that

I do do will miss you much
miss you much...
I can see the first leaf falling
It's all yellow and nice
It's so very cold outside
like the way I'm feeling inside
I'm a big big girl
in a big big world
It's not a big big thing if you leave me
but I do do feel that
I do do will miss you much
miss you much...
Outside it's now raining
and tears are falling from my eyes
Why did it have to happen?
Why did it all have to end?

I'm a big big girl
in a big big world
It's not a big big thing if you leave me
but I do do feel that
I do do will miss you much
miss you much...

Addison sang the last note and played the final chords on the piano.She let out a deep breath and then turned to look at Daniel and Max sitting in the audience.

"So?" Max stood up and looked at Daniel,"Is she in?"

Daniel stood up from his seat and nodded.

"She's in." he smiled

"So how many people you got now?" Camille asked Daniel,the next day

"Seven." Daniel answered

"That's a start." Camille smiled

"Well I need 15." Daniel informed her

"That's only eight more." Camille told him,"You can totally get that."

Daniel was about to reply when he heard music coming from somwhere.He turned to look at Camille who was just as puzzled as he was.

"Uh,I'll talk to you later." Daniel told her,going to follow the sound of the music

"Okay." Camille called

Daniel kept following the music into it led him in the audiotorium.He smiled at what he saw.It was all eight students spread out all standing on the stage.Max had an electric guitar in his hand.

"What are you guys doing?" he questioned walking to the front row

"We wanna show you something." Ethan replied

"Yeah,so just stand...." Kat began

"Or sit." Franchesca added

"And listen." Sabrina finished

Sabrina and Devonne harmonizing:

Addison walked to the center of the stage and started singing.She turned to see Max smiling at her as he played his guitar.

Here’s to the Mondays
Watching all the cars on the freeway
I ain’t got a thing to do
Can I sit here next to you?
And oh oh ohhh

Devonne sang as Franchesca and Kat walked with her to the center of the stage.

Devonne:Yeah, I kinda wish I got paid
'Cause my card got maxed out yesterday
Could you give me a shot?

Max playing his guitar walked to the stage as well.Ethan singing,grabbed Sabrina's hand and led her to the center of the stage with her.

Max and Ethan:
And I’ll work with what I got
Not a dollar in my pocket but I rock it like I ain’t broke.
You know?

Addison walked over and stood next to Max.She smiled at the face he made.

The Melodic Notes:
Here’s to us uh-oh
Here’s to us
Here’s to us
(Kat and Franchesca: uh-oh)
Here’s to never winning first place
Here’s to crying on your birthday
Here’s to every single heartbreak
Here’s to us
Here’s to us

Daniel smiled and watch the group sing together in perfect harmony.

Here’s to the mistakes
Somehow they always drop you in the right place
So, let’s go another round
Till the sky is falling down
Sabrina and Addison:
And we’ll laugh at all the shakers and movers
Max:Now who’s the loser?
What a joke.
The Melodic Notes:
Here’s to us uh-oh
Here’s to us
Here’s to us

Ethan grabbed Sabrina's hand and started dancing with her in the center of the stage.Kat,Franchesca,and Devonne were also dancing.

(Kat,Devonne and Franchesca: uh-oh)
Here’s to never winning first place
Here’s to crying on your birthday
Here’s to every single heartbreak
Here’s to us
Here’s to us
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
I’m a player, I’m a hater
But I swear you would never know
Cause I got a smile on
I’m an ex-con
That just got off parole
Could’ve been a contender, a pretender
Like Brando Play the role
Sabrina:But I’m not so what?
And that’s just how it goes.

Addison walked down off the stage and grabbed Daniel's hand.She then led him up the stage with the rest of them.

The Melodic Notes:
Here’s to us uh-oh
Here’s to us
Here’s to us
(Kat and Devonne: uh-oh)
Here’s to never winning first place
Here’s to crying on your birthday
(Sabrina:I'm crying)

Sabrina walked over and grabbed Daniel's other hand,smiling.

Here’s to all the bad first dates
Here’s to every single heartbreak
Here’s to raining on your own parade
Here’s to showing up anyway
Here’s to us
Here’s to us
Here’s to
Here’s to the Mondays

Franchesca sang the last note as Kat and Devonne hugged her.

"That was amazing." Daniel beamed at all of them

"We know." Devonne smiled

"I mean it you guys are so talented." Daniel complimented them

"We should totally do a group hug!" Sabrina said aloud

"Uh,no." Max shook his head,"I don't hug."

"Oh come on,it'll be fun." Kat told him

"Yeah,Max." Addison elbowed him,"It'll be fun."

"Whatever." Max mumbled

"Come on everybody." Daniel opened his arms wide,"Bring it in."

"Group hug!" Franchesca cheered as the group hugged each other