Camille Rossdale is a character featured in Nemo's fanfiction,Glee:The New Revolution.She is the Spanish teacher at McKinley.Not a fan of Zoe,she is pleased when she hears that new Science teacher,Daniel Muroney will be reviving the Glee Club.Her daughter,Bella is a Cheerio,despite her not liking Zoe.

Camille Rossdale
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Address: Lima,Ohio
Occupation(s): Spanish Teacher
Aliases: Mill (by Zoe)
Family & Friends
Family: Sean Rossdale (father)
Diana Cortez (mother)
Roberto Rossdale (brother)
Bella Zacchara (daughter)
Sexuality: Straight
Relationships: Hector Zacchara (ex-husband;one child)
Friends: Daniel Muroney
Enemies: Zoe Cartwright
Other Information
Interests: Teaching
Being a good mother
Strengths: Family
Weaknesses: Her divorce
Series Information

First appearance: Here's To The Beginning
Portrayer: Mila Kunis


She is funny, sweet, caring, bubbly, laid-back, great at advice, eccentric, and lovable.But she's also honest and knows when give tough love. She has the tendency to act like a mom more than she should,but she's loved for it. She has a heart of gold and is filled with determination.She believes that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.She doesn't like to give up on anyone.


Prior to Here's To The BeginningEdit

Season OneEdit

Here's To The BeginningEdit

She's first seen for congraluating Daniel on the glee club getting accepted.She gave him a hug that became awkward so she backed away.When he admitted that he was nervous that he wouldn't get auditions, she told him that she faith in him and that she hoped everything worked out.

She was next seen asking Daniel how many auditions he had received so far.She cheered him up when he said he had only two auditions so far.She told to not think negative and reminded him how far thinking positive had got him.She laughed when he asked to hang out sometime,because she thought it was something a teenager would ask her.She apologized when he tried to take it back and stopped laughing.She then hopped off the stage and told him that maybe they could hang out sometime.

She was last seen the next day asking Daniel how many auditions he had got.When told he told her seven and that he needed fifteen,she reminded him that all he needed was eight more and that he could totally get that.

The Conflict Of InterestEdit

Let's Duet! (Do It)Edit