Let's Duet (Do It) is the third episode of the first season of Nemo's fanfiction,Glee:The New Revolution.

Let's Duet! (Do It)
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date TBA
Written by Nemo
Directed by Nemo
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Daniel decides that he wants all the glee club members to really get to know one another better.So he decides to put them in duos and by the end of the week they have to perform a duet.When the glee kids aren't interested,Daniel raises the stakes by promising that winning duo get leads at Sectionals.Franchesca feels threatened by Ariana.Stella and Justin clash.Sabrina falls for Max.

Confirmed PartnersEdit

  • Stella and Justin
  • Sabrina and Max
  • Addison and Zander
  • Devonne and Parker
  • Ariana and Kellan
  • Kat and Mason
  • Dina and Ethan
  • Franchesca and Colby


Daniel sets up a challenge....

Daniel:Winning duo gets leads at Sectionals.

Devonne:This just got more interesting.

Mason:I'm in.

There will be jealousy.....

Franchesca:She's just.....really pretty

And romance....

Sabrina:He's not just a regular guy.

Dina:You Channel all those feelings into a song.

And don't forget arguments.....

Stella:I'm not one of the girls in your little black book,you can't just flash a smile at me and expect me to take off my clothes!


  • Kariana Pasian instagrammed a photo of her in makeup and wardrobe captioned "Going Disney musical"
  • Keke Palmer tweeted "Time to start filming my scenes with Harry.Wonder what Dina has to say."
  • Shay Mitchell shared a picture of her and Dylan O'Brien in the studio.
  • Stella,Max,and Sabrina will have a scene according to a picture instragrammed by Drake Bell.
  • Liam Payne tweeted a picture of Ashley Benson sitting on the piano in the choir room.


Songs FeaturedEdit

  • Not A Love Song by Ross Lynch sung by Dina and Ethan
  • Fireflies by Owl City sung by Kellan and Ariana
  • Back To Black by Rachel Crow featuring Clantry and Clayton Johnson (Amy Winehouse) sung by Stella and Justin
  • Misery by Maroon 5 sung by Devonne and Parker
  • The A Team by Ed Sheeran sung by Addison and Zander
  • Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth featuring Emeli Sande sung by Sabrina and Max
  • Can't Stop Singing by Teen Beach Movie sung by Franchesca and Colby
  • Popular Song by Mika featuring Ariana Grande sung by Kat and Mason


  • Kellan calling Colby and Franchesca, Jack and Karen was a reference to one of  Nemo's favorite tv shows,Will and Grace.
  • Originally Franchesca and Colby were supposed to sing Tonight but it was later changed to Can't Stop Singing.