Season One is the debut season of Nemo's fanfiction,Glee:The New Revolution.It's been 10 years since William McKinley High School has had a glee club.After hearing about how succesful the old Glee club was in the past, new Science teacher,Daniel Muroney decides to revive the club.

Season One
Season 1, Episode 0
Written by Nemo
Directed by Nemo
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Episode Title/Airdate Overview Songs
Here's To The Beginning
July 8,2013
After hearing how succesful the old glee club used to be,thinking that some of the students need something to invest their time in,Daniel Muroney suggest that the glee club be revived.Addison Adams is the new girl in school and just wants to be left alone,but when she's heard singing in the hallway and is given an invitation to join the new glee club will she turn it down? Creep,Call Your Girlfriend,Made In America,Who Says,Big Big World & Here's 2 Us
The Conflict Of Interest

So far Daniel only has 7 members in The Melodic Notes;needing more Daniel assigns the club to go around and promote the glee club.Max tries to get to know Addison..As some students question joining,current glee club members think about leaving.All of The Melodic Notes until episode 5 will be shown in this episode.

Unwritten,We Are Young,Get This Party Started,Clocks,Hurricane,C'Mon,Moves Like Jagger,Like I Love You,Sugar,We're Going Down & If I Lose Myself Tonight
Let's Duet! (Do It)

Daniel decides that he wants all the glee club members to really get to know one another better.So he decides to put them in duos and by the end of the week they have to perform a duet.When the glee kids aren't interested,Daniel raises the stakes by promising that winning duo get leads at Sectionals.Franchesca feels like she's losing Kellan.Stella and Justin clash.Sabrina falls for Max.

Not A Love Song,Beneath Your Beautiful,Fireflies,Popular Song,Back To Black,Misery,The A Team,Tonight
Start It Up

Parker decides he's gonna try to get back with Stella.Kellan confides in Ariana.Justin has a hard time not thinking about Stella.Zoe makes an offer to someone in the glee club.Mason makes a new friend and they get close..Seeing Max with another girl sparks weird feelings in Addison.Devonne starts up trouble.